Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Office Clip Board Re-do

I'm still working on my office area and should be done in the next few months.  I haven't been posting much, lately, because my thyroid is enlarged and I have two nodules on them.  I'm having a 2nd biopsy on the left and one on the right next Tuesday.  Then it will take another week to get their results.  I've been very weak and loosing my hair (I've been loosing hair for the past 15 years but it's even worse now).  Please keep me in your prayers or send positive vibes my way.

Anyways,  I'm joining the http://www.etsycottagestyle.blogspot.com at the

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I'm going to repost  one of my most popular posts from 2010.  Since I'm still using the clipboard and my walls are still a soft pink, it's still relevant.

re-post starts here:

Today I'm going to do my first tutorial. I was able to fix my old camera so now I can do more show and tells. I wanted a clip board to hang on the wall by my desk where I do my computer work. Since I sell stuff on ebay and blog I'm at my desk a lot. I wanted to clip board to be pretty. I decided to decorate one.

The materials you need are: plain clipboard, scrappaper (get more than one of the same pattern incase you make a mistake. Some clip art, stickers or any thing you want to embellish the board. Craft paint to match the scrap paper. Modpodge or any decopauge glue. One foam paint brush. One sharp edged card like an old credit card or library card.

First turn over your scrap paper and trace the bulleton board. You want to clip the paper right under the top part of the clip.

Once you see that the paper fits perfectly you paint the top of the clip board to match. Paint down a few inches more than will show. Let dry.

Glue the scrap paper on to the board. Make sure it's in place with the top even before gluing in place. Let the glue dry.

When this is dry, cover the whole clip board with decopauge glue. Let that dry. Then cover it with glue again. Between glue times you want to use the sharp edged card to smooth out the glue bubbles. The paper will start to pucker. Keep on smoothing because you want a smooth surface for writing on.

Let everything dry. Now is the fun part. Add what decorations you want.  I got these clip art from The Graphic Fairy.

This one I got from an image from google images.  I love the bold lines.  I think it's a vinyl wall sticker.  I just sized it to fit the board.

I printed the images on different colored paper and scrapbook paper.  Then created a document with the store's name "Kat's Purrfect Boutique" and printed that on darker pink paper (see below).

Images glued in place

Here is the finished product.

Clipboard for Office Area Wall

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Victorian Tailor said...

Adorable for the office, very pretty, will be thinking of you, blessings as you go through your biopsy,

Melody Brown said...

Hey Katherine!
So happy you came for the ECS Blog Party. Great design.

Nelly said...

Love what you did. I've done a few of these too and they're just so fun to make and useful too.

Dragonfly Treasure said...

Now that's the way to dress up a clipboard!! SOO pretty!