Monday, January 26, 2015

More ViVI Blue

Smiling Sally
Here is another collection of beautiful blue jewelry for Blue Monday.  This collection is totally different than the jewelry I showed last week.  Last's week jewelry was frilly and feminine, this is more bold and structure.  This collection would be good for a job interview showing that you are strong and fashionable while still being feminine.

Collection Found Here

Again, Thanks for looking.  Katharine

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Queen of Hearts Banner Using Dollar Tree Heart Doilies

I created a Queen of Hearts Banner that could be used at a Alice in Wonderland Party, a Casino night and for Valentine's Day.  I've had these Heart Doilies, from the Dollar Tree, that I bought quite a few years ago.  A few years ago I created a Easter Banner using Tulip Doilies.  I loved how they came out and have been wanting to make a Valentine's Banner.  When I've been working on my Mad Tea Party this past month I decided to create this one.

I bought a few decks of cards from the Dollar Tree to use for crafts.  I took out the Queen, King and Jack of Hearts out of the deck.

Took these 3 cards and glued them on 3 red heart doilies.  That could have been enough but I wanted 5 hearts all together.  So I took 2 white hearts and glued 2 crowns on them.

 I found these at The Graphic Fairy (under search type in crowns).  I attached the white and red heart doilies to a black ribbon, then put it on the top of my front window. 

Then I glued the Doilies on Contrasting Card Stock, White on Red, and Red on White.

 Below the window I set up my food for the tea party.

I love how this came out and that I can use it for more than one occasion.                                                                          

Monday, January 19, 2015

ViVI Blue for You and Me

Smiling Sally  This is the first time that I'm posting for Blue Monday.  I've been posting on Pink Saturday for many years and want to share my blue things too.  Recently I became a Personal Stylist for Cookie Lee.  In this past year the company was bought by Debbie & Ron Millar and was recently rebranded ViVI.  ViVI stands for Vision, Inspiration, Value and Independence.  Vivi represents you, empowering all women.  Here is some blue jewelry from the Spring/Summer collection.  I'm going to share these blue jewelry for the next few weeks, then I'm going to find something else blue.  My room is done in pink and blues that will be easy to find inspiration. 

Find this Collection Here

Thanks for looking!  Katharine

Friday, January 16, 2015

ViVI Jewelry for Pink Saturday

For Pink Saturday, I created a collage of all the Pink Jewelry that ViVI, the new Cookie Lee, sells.  Since Pink is my favorite color I'll probably get many of these pieces for myself.

Find Collection Here

Now back to enjoying the rest of my weekend with my family.