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Friday, May 29, 2015

Invitation to 2015 Mad Hatter Party

Is it already that time of year again?  Time to find Alice, the Mad Hatter and all their friends.  Last year I did so many posts about The Mad Hatter Party that this year it will be hard to think of something new.  In the meantime, go to A Fanciful Twist to see what Vanessa has planned and to sign up your "blog party" too.

Monday, April 13, 2015

More Beautiful Images from Linnea at "Vintage Made for You"

Have you ever wondered where I get some of my lovely images, headers and backgrounds?  I share them on my page, Favorite Digital Images, and on Favorite Blogs to Read (which I recently cleaned up).  I always make note of where I get my blog stuff on the right column.  Right now I'm using the background and header from "Vintage Made for You".  Linnea lives in Sweden and creates beautiful and lush images that we can use for free.  She has recently posted the images below and asks us to just use it for personal use and not sell them.  You can find more at her blog

Here is the note that comes with each picture:  Click on the picture before saving.  
Each image will be about 800 px wide and can be used as you want and feel.  
But only for personal use not for anything you have in mind to sell. 

Please visit Linnea's blog and see the rest of her gorgeous designs.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Cath Kidston Pillow Inspires Living Room Remodel

The last time I redid my livingroom colors was in 2007.  How time flies!  Since I started blogging, in 2008 I've have loved the Shabby Chic.  I started an aqua and red Pinterest board and have been looking at materials in those colors and more since then.  You wouldn't believe how much I've pinned.

A year ago I bought this pillow cover and was using it in my bedroom that has pink and aqua in it.  When my sister moved our Aunt Anna Stina from Stockholm, Sweden she had to put tons of her furniture in storage.  She asked if I would use 2 red chairs and a birch table. Since the table is still in storage, I haven't seen it or a picture of it yet. 
Don't know if this is the actual chair or a similar chair.
I found some adorable pillows using Cath Kidston materials and one that matches the budgies pillow.  I have already bought the bicycle pillow here and have the other pillows on hold.  I also need to find a couch and recliner slipcover too.  

I'll share more about my before, during and after as time goes on.  We're having major bathroom work done so that has to be done first.  I can dream and collect stuff in the meantime.  I also have tons of cleaning and organizing to do.

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