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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Fantabulous Cricut Challenge

Today I found a new blog called:

Fantabulous Cricut

I have an old cricut and I'll admit only one cartridge.  Anyways,  I knew I had basic shapes so I cut out diamonds in Halloween Paper to create mini pendants.  I made the pendants 2 inches to 4 inches and added cute stickers I bought at Walmart.

To create the banner, I glued the pendants on a string.  For next year I'm going to make a mini Halloween box/house for my Halloween Barbie that I talked about yesterday.  I'll save this project for my Halloween Shadow Box, for Halloween 2015.

Thanks for looking at my simple project.

Friday, October 31, 2014

Revisiting Halloween Past

I've always wanted a Halloween Barbie so this year I got one from e-bay for myself.  I opened it on my Birthday which was yesterday.

The rest of the images are from Halloween Past.

Left to Right-  Natalie's first Halloween 11.5 months-1998.
  Age 2-Fall 1999. Almost 2-1999. Almost 3-2000

I created a Halloween runner by taping some
 Dollar tree napkins together.
  I saw the idea in Better Homes and Gardens.

Some digital Art I created at

I've linked this post to Vanessa's Halloween Blog Party.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day at the Water Park

We had a very slow Summer to make up for our big vacation in 2013.  Kurt was busy with his family's projects and we've been busy keeping cool.  I talked him into taking a vacation day this past Friday and the three of us went to Raging Waters.  I hadn't gone there in 5 years and was really excited.  I knew that I'd pay for it afterwards but it's worth it for me.  I also knew that if I went to see my chiropractor I'd feel better faster.

Raging Waters is the largest Water Park in California.  They have 2 in Northern California and one in Southern California, about an hour east of Los Angeles in San Dimas.  We got a late start and didn't get there till 12:30PM and had to leave at 5:30PM.  We made the best of our time while we were there.  We went on every single tube/tunnel rides they had.  Some of them bigger than others.

Some people like the open slides and hate the tubes.  I love the tubes because I don't have to worry about sliding off the side.  Since I'm heavier I slide to the side really high and it really scares me.  In the tube I can slide up and down, yell, laugh and enjoy myself.  Most of them you could only have two people and you couldn't have just one person.  We would split up and go with another group of 3.  We did this a few times through out the day.

Every year Natalie thinks it would be insane to go on the slide that goes straight down.  No way would I go on it.  Anyways, Natalie and Kurt were brave and I walked fast to try to see them come down.  I wish  I could have caught their faces (terror and excitement).

Kurt and Natalie went on High Extreme while I went on the low green tube slide.  Not only was their ride an open slide but the steps up to it were so high.  Natalie said that at the top the wind would move the stairs a bit.  Yikes!  I was happy to go on one ride and then rest and read a book in a bit of shade.

I love being in the water and so being at a Water Park, like Raging Waters is a perfect day for me.  Where it's located it's a bit cooler than where I live so it made the day more comfortable.  I always hate to leave.  Every year I think, next year I'll go more than one time, but lately I'm lucky if I go once.

What drives me crazy is that they won't let you bring in food and the food there is soooo expensive.  They do have picnic tables outside but it's a real bother.  We ate shortly before we got to the park and ate again on the way home.  Kurt fussed about eating fast food twice, but I see it that days like this are made for junk food.  Next year I want to go to breakfast on the way, then we don't have to worry about eating there.  Then see what happens afterwards.

My stepmom was disappointed that she couldn't go but she just had cataract surgery and had to wait a few days before going swimming again.  We had gone swimming with her on Monday, at Santa Monica beach, the day before her surgery.  Emily doesn't let anything stop her even though she's 75.  I told her that next Summer we'll get a group of us to go again.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Get your Chain Reaction On

Summer came and went so fast. We have a longer Summer season than most, but it seemed like it would never end, even though the students returned to school, in the middle of August. In my mind I was still on Summer time. Tonight was the first time I dug out my pants and a sweater. It feels good! We're suppose to have another heat wave. Wait! I thought Summer was over?

Even while our temperatures are mixed up, jewelry fashions continue to be exciting to wear. That is why I'm selling Cookie Lee Jewelry. I'm getting out of the lazy days of Summer into the rush of Fall and fun Holidays to come.

Next time I'm going to tell you a few things we've done in the last month or so.