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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

San Diego, Moving, Swedish Aunts and Cute Dogs

I was in San Diego, California helping my sister move.  I took the train from the San Fernando Valley (suburb of Los Angeles) to Solana Beach train station.  This took 4 hours but I didn't mind, I was resting, reading a funny book and reading a "First" magazine.  I didn't move heavy stuff but helped keep our Aunt Anna Stina (short for Christina) and Rocky, and Anne-Marie's adorable Chihuahuas/Terrier busy.  

Morster (aunt)Stina and I kept busy telling stories, playing with Rocky and helping my Anne-Marie fold and pack stuff.  Her Apt complex had 2 dog parks.  I went to the one closest and let Rocky off her leash while keeping an eye on the other dogs and meeting the owners.  I was happy to see the new place has many little dogs too, but no dog park.

One evening Anne-Marie took us to dinner at Poseidons in Del Mar that is right on the beach.  We were there before the crowd since the Del Mar Race Track was still open.

My Aunt, like her sister, was born and raised in Sweden.  My Parents immigrated to the US in the 50's and have lived here since then.  Anyways,  up till November 2013 my aunt has lived in Bromma, a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.  The only time I got to visit her was in 1965, when I was 3 and in 1978, when I was 16.  We call our Aunt, Morster Stina because Morster is mother's sister in Swedish.  While we were joking around I realized that I was a Morster to my sister's children and a Farster to my brother's son.  My parents are Morfar and Mormor and my husband's parents would be Farmor and Farfar.  Well you get the idea.  My parents think this is practical since you know exactly who is being talked about.  

That evening we went swimming in the pool.  It was the first time that Stina had been swimming in two years.  Her hips and legs felt so much better after that swim.  Unfortunately we all got too busy to swim again.  Luckily the new place also has a pool.

8 days flew by fast and I spent 2 nights in Anne-Marie's new place.  Morster Stina went home with me, on the train, so that Anne-Marie had time to get the house unpacked and cleaned up.  Morster and I had a good visit and a few small naps before getting home.  Then we went to lunch and out for Mexican food for dinner. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bedroom Remodel To Do List

To Do:

1.    Paint room and closet.

Botticelli Angel mixed with off white

2.       New laminate floor from Home Depot (discontinued)

3.    New 2 IKEA desk

4.   Paint old pink bookshelf the put on North wall to the left of my desk.
5.   Move small white bookshelf to Natalie's Room
6.   Paint Window moldings
7.  Set up Cork boards and shelves in "office" corner.
8.  Exchange 2nd desk for larger desk and give my desk to Natalie.    
9.  Move folding table and Move Natalie's desk to garage.
10.  Put up Curtains over Closet.

To Buy:

I need to buy frames for all my pictures I've bought or downloaded the digital.  I got the first picture from The Graphic Fairy.  Have you been to The Graphic Fairy's website?  Karen shares a HUGE collection of vintage art for you to use for personal and commercial use.

This next photo I bought from Vanessa, at A Fanciful Twist Etsy Store.


White Black out Blinds and Curtains

Sheers with a white on white pattern.  This picture is from  Country Curtains.

Desk Chair-

A big comfy chair-  I want a pink chair and it's hard to find one (at a good price) for Adult sizes.  This one is about $50.

Found at

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Un-Birthday-Mad Teaparty Crafts

Mad Hatter Tea Party continues with Alice in Wonderland crafts that I found on Pinterest and other places:

Like I said in another post, you can find so much Alice stuff. This Harajuku Dolls Japanese fabric would be great as a skirt or curtain.  Or you could just use the border for a fun party runner.  Here is one of my favorites:

Sweet Suitors

I used this paper for my tags and invitation.,  Scrapbook Paper found on Etsy

Everything Alice Craft Book

Free Alice in Wonderland Coloring Pages


and here:

Last but not least, here is a link to my first 
Mad Hatter Party, with Bookmarks from the 2010 movie.

I wonder what will happen with my Tea Party next year.  I hope to see you then too.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Wonderland Tea Parties found on Pinterest and Elsewhere

Go Here:

There is so much information about Alice in the Wonderland Tea Parties.  It's easy to get lost in all the images and fun.  Here are a few parties I'd seen on Pinterest and elsewhere.  You can find their links on my Alice in Wonderland Pinterest page.

Then I found tea sandwiches and

 Of course we have to have cake or cupcakes:

There are so many talented people out there.  I'm in awe of what everyone does.  Next time I'm going to share some Alice in Wonderland Crafts.