Friday, April 18, 2014

Honesty without Compassion Quote

This quote was sent to me.  I could really relate to it because there have been times where I wasn't compassionate with my speech and have received brutal verbal attacks as well.  I created an image with a cool background and framed it in

Have you ever felt that you were, or someone  else were too brutally honest?

Digital Freebies for Easter

I found these wonderful Easter Freebies at Free Vintage Digital Stamps.

I like to share where I get my images from and this is one of the websites I mention in my pages.

Here are Easter Images I've never seen before.  When you go to their website, look at the right side bar for Easter.

The next section of images are both Jpg and Png (transparent background).  I love when I can find pngs because I can easily use it with other backgrounds.

Here is a Bunny Bookmark I created.  You may click right click to copy it to your files too.

Here is the whole page and each bookmark cropped to size.


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Easter Projects

Here are some of the projects I did for Easter 2013:

The first project, I'm embarrassed to say, took a few years.  I had done one banner for my mom, for Easter, a few years ago.  Last year I finished my banner in-time for my Easter dinner.

The 2nd project I did for my Entry Wall.

This area used to be where I had my dining table, but now I have my kitchen table for seasonal settings.  Here are two settings I did for this year.  I need to clean my living room before I can get my Easter stuff down.

Did you see my free April Calendar?  It's so cute!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Calendar for April to Color In

When I was Student Teaching I did one session in 3rd Grade and one session in Kindergarten.  They were both great experiences for getting ready to teach, but I got so much more out of my Kindergarten experience.  I worked with Patty Snow at Denker Elementary in Gardena, California.  She was so organized and enthusiastic.  She had every detail for lessons, prepared materials and centers organized so well that she could just go in her files and duplicate what she had done the year before.  At the time she had been teaching for about 20 years.  When I had my 2nd grade class I was able to create fantastic learning centers that my class really enjoyed.

In addition to giving me great advice, she gave me these cute Calendar print outs.  Here is one for the month of April.  If you go to this link, you will find more printouts.