Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Paper Purse from Wedding Wrapping Paper

When I got married, in 1988, I got the most beautiful wrapping paper.  I always knew I wanted it for something but I didn't know what.  For a blog party I created this paper purse but I never posted it.  That was over 5 years ago!

In addition to the wedding paper I used stickers and border stickers, Mary Englebright paper (that looks like a tissue triangle) and images from the Graphic Fairy.  This link will take you to this picture:

I also used this image for the outline of the purse, and handles from the Graphic Fairy but I can't find the link.  This paper purse reminds me of the bags used after the Civil War by the Carpet Baggers who were the men, from the North, trying to make money in the impoverished South.

It also reminds me of Mary Poppins bag.

When I was 12 and in 6th Grade I dressed up as Mary Poppins.  I had the hat since I was really young and threw together an outfit.  We found Granny Boots, that are in style now, at the local Thrift store.

As you can see I have a 70's version of a carpet bag next to me.  It's funny how a simple craft created so many thoughts and memories.


LV said...

A great idea. Makes a nice way to save and preserve treasured memories.

Melody Brown said...

Hi Kat!
So glad you brought your purse to the ECS Cottage Craft Paper Party!

Dragonfly Treasure said...

What a cute idea!