Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Header for the Month of November

I just created a new Header for the month of November. Ever since I found out about the program at Picnik, I've been having a blast creating collages, mosaics and headers. I found the pumpkin image from Karen, the Graphic Fairy and the other images on Photobucket. I love to find fun images, don't you?  Another creative source is Blingee.  It's so fun to Blingee a photo.  Here is an example of what you can do at Blingee.

This was my store's image for October.

Normally you would have Blingee written in the lower right corner, but I've paid a small amount of money to have the logo removed. 

Here is November's Blingee:

and here is November's Header:

I learned how to combine 2 pictures (see 1st box) and to put the blog name in the header.  I'm constantly learning something new. :)

First I cropped this photo.  Then I added the Harvest Woman that I got from Karen at Graphic Fairy.

Then using the program at I layered the two images.

I also got the butterfly, in the last box from Karen @ Vintage Fairy too.

The Graphics Fairy

I've already created my Header for December because that is such a busy time for everyone.  I play Mrs. Claus all month selling Barbies on e-Bay so that makes me extra busy, but not as busy as moms who work full time and raise their kids.

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Recovery Girl said...

Hi, I saw you on Blog Frog and came to check out your blog. I'm now following you and wish you the best with your Fybromyalgia.

I love using Pinik. I think your banner looks great!

Jenn said...

Your header looks great. I love the idea of a seasonal header. I need to work on mine... but I'm not that great with all the techno stuff.

PetraB said...

Brilliant header. Have to have a look at picnik as well, thank you for the information.

Tammara said...

That header looks fantastic! Thanks for the tip about picnik!

Queenie said...

Beautiful header, you did a great job :)

Karen- The Graphics Fairy said...

Wonderful header!!! It sounds like you found a fun program to work with, I will have to check that out. Thank you so much for linking this up to Brag Monday.

katlupe said...

Looking good! That's what makes blogging fun when you can decorate or do graphics that enhance it.