Monday, July 12, 2010

Yeah, I finally have a Header

Kurt, my daughter's dad, is a graphic designer.  When I was looking at more instructions on how to do a header it said something about working on the pictures in photoshop.  I thought, wait a minute, Kurt was working with photoshop when most of the world didn't even know of it's existence.  So I sent him pictures and showed him examples of headers I liked.  Wala!!  I have one!!

I'm pleased as punch!

The picture of my daughter, in the header, is four years old but I just love that photo.  She dressed her and Pepsi up and called me to take a photo. It was her 8th Birthday and I had a camera waiting.  Now a days she takes photos of herself which I appreciate cause she catches moments when she's playing with her makeup or just goofing off.

She loves to wear wiskers and say meow to everyone. lol

Natalie normally doesn't wear this much makeup.  She was playing around with it and having fun.  The lucky girl doesn't need even mascara because her eyelashes are long and naturally dark.

I love my daughter so much and I'm very proud of her.  I know that next school year will be a better year for her.

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