Monday, July 12, 2010

My room remodel in progress.

Here are some pictures of my room after it was painted. It's slowly coming back together. I'll keep you posted as it transforms to my perfect sanctuary.

My closet (the whole room is that paint color).

The floors were redone in every room, in my house, was done with this floor.  Gorgeous for 99 cents a square foot.  My sister and I are still amazed at the price.   

Since I have 2 long hair cats, having hard wood laminate floors is easier to clean.  Shasta and Pepsi are shedding now.

My beautiful babies.
My desk that has been moved to the left of the AC unit.

Isn't the bottechelli angel paint gorgeous? It's so peaceful and relaxing.

The paint was too pink so my sister mixed in more off white.  You can see the color in the back of the closet.

My Jewelry Organizer is shorter and perfect for bracelets. I'llhave mine on my dresser.  I have one more in perfect condition that I'm selling for $14.99

I have this acrylic candle holder, with a pink candle to the left of my bed.  I'm looking for reading sconses for over the bed.  

I'll be posting more as I finish my room.  We had to focus on the kitchen and the backyard for my mom's 80th on June 6th.  I'm waiting for my sister to send me pictures of that.

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Musings of a Modern Mom said...

Ohh!! I love the vinage, victorian styles too!! It makes me think of romance.

Our home is a 1913 farmhouse, I have done a little here and there so it has a little new and old feel.