Sunday, July 20, 2014

Bedroom Remodel To Do List

To Do:

1.    Paint room and closet.

Botticelli Angel mixed with off white

2.       New laminate floor from Home Depot (discontinued)

3.    New 2 IKEA desk

4.   Paint old pink bookshelf the put on North wall to the left of my desk.
5.   Move small white bookshelf to Natalie's Room
6.   Paint Window moldings
7.  Set up Cork boards and shelves in "office" corner.
8.  Exchange 2nd desk for larger desk and give my desk to Natalie.    
9.  Move folding table and Move Natalie's desk to garage.
10.  Put up Curtains over Closet.

To Buy:

I need to buy frames for all my pictures I've bought or downloaded the digital.  I got the first picture from The Graphic Fairy.  Have you been to The Graphic Fairy's website?  Karen shares a HUGE collection of vintage art for you to use for personal and commercial use.

This next photo I bought from Vanessa, at A Fanciful Twist Etsy Store.


White Black out Blinds and Curtains

Sheers with a white on white pattern.  This picture is from  Country Curtains.

Desk Chair-

A big comfy chair-  I want a pink chair and it's hard to find one (at a good price) for Adult sizes.  This one is about $50.

Found at

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