Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today's Post is by the letter "H"

Today's post is by the letter
H is in Hippo, the, then, there, this, that, those, hose, house, hurry...

You never realize how many words have the letter "H" in them till that key breaks down.  Luckily, for me, that cleaning and dusting with cotton balls, witch hazel (couldn't find the ammonia) and Q tips I got the H to work again.  I turned my keyboard over and banged the crumbs out at least 10 x's.  At least this keyboard was only $10 but I was glad to find out that the H worked again. :)

To prove how many h's are needed check out this post:  I did it to be silly but it exactly what I was going through the other night.  I also wrote it because I was frustrated.  I had finally gotten my pictures from my husband's birthday.  Oh yeah can't write happy or birthday with out H, lol.  Plus, I have the photos from our vacation I want to share.

Now I can return to my posts that I've been working on. :)

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