Friday, August 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Kurt's Party

On July  14, I gave a party for my husband, Kurt, for his 55th Birthday.  Valerie, a family friend, suggested we give the party to encourage us to get stuff done.It was a warm day so we scheduled the party at 5PM.  I delegated food and asked for help from my parents and my sister in law.  Before the party there were several cleaning days.  On 2 Saturdays my dad, his cousin-in-law, Don and Kurt worked on cleaning up the backyard.  We had tons of tree branches that had been cut before then and new branches that they cut too.  It took 2 huge loads, in the back of Don's truck, to haul the stuff to a local dump.  My dad is 84 and he still pitched and cut and sawed back ivy and tree branches.  They would have a simple lunch of turkey and cheese sandwiches and get back to work.  It make our huge yard look even larger.  Several cleaning days,  Valerie helped and she got Kurt to pain the front door grey blue, similar to what we had before.  The door hadn't been painted in 15 years.

On another Sunday, a week before the party, my stepsister, Lorelei and her children Anna Leah and Daniel came and helped us clean the house.  They were moving my living room furniture to make sure all the dust
and cat hair was cleaned up.  My two long haired cats make a mess.  They had helped us clean so much that we just had to do touch up work the day of the party.

My dad and Emily and Lorelei (Emily's daughter) bought Kurt and I a huge BBQ from OSH They brought it over one of the cleaning days.  It's a beauty!  I say it's the Rolls Royce of BBQ's.  When you cook meat or vegetables and pull the cover down, everything comes out real moist.  One of the things that I've hated about Chicken Breasts is that they are dry.  Well with this BBQ that isn't a problem.

Isn't she a beauty?

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