Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

Sorry about being gone so long.  To tell the truth, besides being busy, I was unproductive and not inspired to write.  During this time though, I celebrated my daughter's 14th birthday and last week a family miracle happen.  My husband, Kurt and I decided to recommit to each other after being estranged for 10 years.  I never thought this would happen since I had started the estrangement.  One big motivator was the issues we were having with our daughter but we also realized that we'd miss each other when we separated.  We were estranged in the same house.  Separate rooms, separate beds, etc....   Despite this we spent all holidays together with each other's families and would drive to the hospital together when our daughter had been in there.  She has been dealing with depression and has been defiant and anyone who has teens knows how this can be.  What's ironic is that now she is upset because we are on the same side and she can't pit us against each other easily.  He and I have different parenting styles which is difficult under any circumstances but if we're not working together it's a disaster.  Now we are trying to get our daughter back on track and help her deal with stress in a healthy way.

This will be the best Holiday season that we have had in a long, long time.  I don't even care what gifts I get because I got my family again and that is the best gift ever.


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cláudia said...

I'm happy with your happiness!
Kisses from Brazil!