Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Christmas Blog Design

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Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone I'm switching my blog decor to Christmas stuff.  I went ahead and used the header I created for December, 2010 (why mess with something good).  I created that using picnik collage and put in images from The Graphic Fairy (first and last photo), A Carl Larson Christmas image, My daughter as Santa Lucia and 2010 Holiday Barbie.  Then I framed it with holly, like the blog button, and the museum frame.  Then I wrote the name of my blog across it.  Here is what it looks like with out the text.  

I choose the blog stuff I want to use and created a test blog with everything ahead of time.  I chose this stuff in October because I knew that when I came to this time of year I'd be busy or tired.  I created a new blog button too.

I took this image and cropped it square, using the program.  Then I framed it with the holly frame and made it smaller so it wouldn't cover the picture.  Then I used the Museum frame over that.  After it was all done I added the text "Kat's Almost Purrfect World" to the bottom of the frame.  Those who have been reading this blog know that I've been using this image for quite a while.  I got it from The Graphic Fairy.  After I chose this image I realized that it was like my daughter and I.  If it was to be realistic the girl on the right would have blue hair and I'd be blond.  I like keeping the image black and white.

In case you are curious, this is what my daughter looked like a few weeks ago.

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I ok'd the bleaching and blue hair, but I didn't ok the nose ring.  A few months ago she dyed it pink and today she dyed it purple.  Sigh!  She claims to feel better with her hair weird colors.  I just hope she outgrows this phase by the time she graduates High School.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful holiday season with my husband Kurt and my beautiful daughter Natalie.


Butterbean Row said...

You are truly a talented person! I wish I could navigate around the computer like you do. Very pretty blog!

Kat from California said...

Thanks for the compliment!