Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Weekly Quotes on Tuesday: about Time

Since I stopped working, I don't look at a clock all the time.  I irritate those that are very time conscious, but they irritate me too.  I hate when I'm talking to someone, especially in person, and they are too worried about what time they have to be somewhere.  I'm not saying that I don't have agendas and appointments because I do.  When I plan on visiting with someone or a place or party, I give my undivided attention.  I know people that have so many places they need to be that they show up and say, I can only visit for an hour and then I have to be (and they rattle off 3 other places).  This is especially maddening when you haven't seen the person for a while or they make you feel that you're not as  important as the other people they need to see.  I know people who are like this all the time and don't realize how they affect others.  When I make plans with people,for the day, I don't have any other plans at all.  I just let the day happen and see what we want to do.  I find this much more relaxing than having to schedule everything to death.  My daughter was raised in this manner and doesn't like too much extra activities.  She likes and needs down time to relax and be creative.  Since I've gotten ill, I just can't do things as fast as I used to, so I have to give myself time.  This doesn't mean I'm not organized or that I don't have a life, I just choose to be more relaxed.  I should live in the South and not in fast paced Southern California.

Today I'm starting a new things.  I'm giving a quote of the week.  This week's quote has to do with time.

Measurements of Time


"Our ancestors didn’t have watches so I suspect no one was ever late.  If one was who would know?  I’ll bet we had more time together back then.  Today we have clocks and watches and time at the lower left-hand part of our computer screens, but I’ll bet we don’t spend as much of it with the people we love as ancestors did". - Anonymous

Do you agree with the quote, like I do, or do you like your life to be fast paced?

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