Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today I'm talking about design for small spaces. I've always wanted a room with a Murphy bed so that when I had guests I could have a place for them to sleep but the bed wouldn't take up all the space. I thought this was a perfect solution. Not many people have the luxery of having a room for just guests. I know that I don't.

Today while checking stuff out on blogsand stuff I came across an interesting product called the Zoom Room.  The Zoom Room has been shown on HGTV's Color Splash and Home Rules, plus it's been on ABC News.

I looked at the site and their videos and then checked out their blog  What the Zoom Room does is creates a Murphy type of bed but instead of having the wall come down, the bed rolls from the back of the wall.  You could put a flat screen TV on the Wall and it won't be disturbed.  There is a remote control that you push for the bed to roll out.

 Who would have thought this gorgeous cabinet would be housing a bed.

Here is a perfect example of fitting a bed into a small space.

ZOOM ROOM VIDEO- This is something you have to see.  I find it amazing!

If you haven't seen enough, check out their blog.

In this blog post you will see how this retractable bed fits perfectly into this Convertible Studio.  I've seen this on TV before but I can look at it over and over again.

Behind the walls are hidden things that are needed in an apartment.  This apartment is 24 square meters which is  258 square feet.  Can we say tiny??  His friend calls it "Legos for Adults"  You need to see everything that is hiding behind the walls.

In the Zoom Room Blog there are other ideas, like the Zoom Room bed, for small spaces.



I know that in order to live in a small space you need to be a minimalist and be really organized.  I know that I need if I downsize and get rid of extra clutter it will create more harmony for my life.

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