Friday, July 15, 2011

Favorite Things Friday #6 Favorite Children's Movies

With the new Winnie the Pooh movie coming out today I started to think of my favorite movies as a child. I remember seeing the original Winnie the Pooh Movies on Television and then re-watched them with my daughter. The stories are eternal meaning they are great for every generation. Those are the best Children's movies, I think.

Opens in Theaters Only on July 15th, 2011

Here is the link to the Winnie the Pooh trailer:

In honor of the movie I have listed a link to some fun activites for your children:

On this site are games, quizzes and coloring pages to print out.  I was trying to upload a coloring page but the site wouldn't let me so I shared the link.

Other favorite movies were The Wizard of Oz, I did a whole blog post on that a few years ago.  You can see that here:

I love, love, loved the movie, Oliver, with Mark Lester.  I was so entranced with the story of the orphan boy who finally found a home to be loved.  The music, dancing and costumes were exciting too.

I loved the Aristocats and got excited when I was able to find it for my daughter.   It's so cute and fun.

For Christmas, my favorite was Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.  One time we were going to watch the movie at some family friend's house.  On the way my dad's car broke down and I remember standing on the sidewalk.  We're missing Rudolf!!!   When I was a child we didn't have VHS and DVD's.  We didn't even have Cable TV.  If we missed a movie we had to wait a whole year, well to a young child a year is forever.  Ok I realize these statements ages me, but that is how the world was back then.  Watching Special movies with my family and cartoons with my dad on Saturday mornings was a special thing.

Last but not least, who can forget the Charlie Brown Movies with the teachers that only said, Blah blah blah...  Since I'm a teacher that part of it cracks me up when I see them now.

What are some of your favorite Chidren's Movie that either you saw, as a child, or you watch with your children now (or when they were younger)?

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Rach H said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment! I love your list of kids things to do. I was obsessed with the Wizard of Oz when I was little!