Friday, January 14, 2011

Show and Tell Friday's at Romantic Home

While doing my usual blog hopping I found the site Romantic Homes.  On Friday's Romantic Homes does a Show and Tell Blog Party.  The rules are that it has to be from your home or garden.  It can be from other homes too, or items you want.  I'm going to share the things on my wish list for my bedroom redo.  I'll have my  "office" in one wall, by the window.

My Bedroom Dream List

Right now I have the floors done and the walls painted.  I also have my Vintage Barbie Calendar on the wall.  Above the Calendar is my clip board that I created in this post.

Right now I have a very small computer desk with no room to spread out.  I want to put this to the right of my desk.  To the left of my desk I have a small white shelf with my papers, files and other office stuff.  I'm going to create some type of bulletin board for over the shelf. That is another huge project that will be coming in the  future

 Now I want to buy an Aqua Coverlet and 18 inch White Eyelet Dust Rufflel because my bed is on raisers to create more storage.  I also want  to get the Target Mon Ami Sheet Set.  On the window I'm getting the Mon Ami panels which come in 84 x 100 (50 inche for each panel).  My window faces the east and these curtains have a black lining so it will be good when the sun comes up on a day I want to sleep in.  The lining also keeps the room cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  We often get over 100 degrees in the summer so the lining will be a blessing.

I'm going to get a mini quilt or put a poster over my bed.  I'm in Southern California and we don't want heavy things above us.  The Shabby Chic mini quilt, also from Target, will be perfect.
The mini quilt will coordinate with the Aqua Coverlet Set.
I have other plans for the room as well.  I'll share those when I get more done.  I'm really excited because I'm making my space my own.  I have redone my daughter's room several times but not my own.  Right now my quilt is over 15 years old and now it's starting to fall apart.  I'm heartbroken because I bought it from the Amish country in Iowa and it is hand sewn and hand quilted.  Anyways, it's time for something new.  The coverlet will be good for the summer and maybe by next fall I'll have something new for cooler weather.

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