Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Hair and Makeup Change Who You Are?

Natalie's 8th B-day @ Libby Lu
Natalie, Age 8 @ Libby Lu

Here Natalie looks so Inocent and sweet.  She has always been a little pistol but wow the teenage years have been extra tough.  In Summer I let Natalie dye her hair purple and through out 8th grade she had different colors.  Then she'd die it dark brown and black and then bleach it. One time,we went to dinner with her friend, Juliana and she said she looked like Wednesday from the Adam's Family. (her hair was black)  Sigh!  Now it's bleached blond.

5th Grade, 4 years ago

Age 12, 6th Grade

Summer 2011 before we bleached her hair so she could color it.

With Blue Hair, 2011

Pink-Purple,Fall, 2011

Christmas 2011.  We got bows to act as ornaments. lol

Spring, 2012

Spring 2012,  Natalie cut off some of her hair cause it was damaged.

Natalie isn't GOTH or EMO, She just likes to play with hair colors and makeup.  You should see her get ups when she makes her own videos.  I'd have to censor the videos to show them.

I'll post more recent photos in Part 2.....

See Part Two

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