Saturday, September 8, 2012

Does Hair and Makeup Change Who You Are? Part 2

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Natalie earned money and bought extensions.  Her hair is up to her shoulders now.

Natalie is wearing her cat ears from her 7th Birthday party.  She's holding Shasta in front of the webcam.

When she started to talk about dying her hair colors again I told her that I wanted her to wait till 2013.  A few days ago she said that she wants to dye it a light green in 2013.  Knowing her, she'll have the dye ready for New Years Day.  A lot of people think I'm crazy for letting her do this.  I think that for all the rebellion I could deal with (and have dealt with), hair is just hair. Now her nose ring? I could do without that. Natalie tells me that she doesn't feel like she's herself without them. I pray that one day she doesn't need colors and rings to make her feel better. She is a beautiful, talented young woman on her own.


barbandemily said...

My kids needed to have something "edgy" to do with their appearance as teens and young adults as well. I went along with a lot of it - even had my nose pierced when my daughter had yet another piercing in her ear - but we did talk about needing to be able to get a job - no tattoos on the face! :) Now, they have both let a lot of their piercings grow in, though my son has his hair in dreads. It can always be cut off. I remember a neighbour who was pretty strict with her daughter complaining to me about what my son looked like at the time. I told her that I picked my battles - some things were more important than his hat. Her daughter got pregnant and married while in high school. I don't know if letting my kids have their small rebellions prevented such a big rebellion. Maybe. Most important is having a sense of humour, and letting your kids know that you love them whatever they dye or pierce!

Katharine Devinney said...

I agree! I had a friend, growing up, that had such strict parents that she wasn't even allowed to go to my slumber party. We had known each other for years and I had been to her home many times. She came for the evening and then went home.

When I bumped into her, as an adult, she had done drugs and been into all sorts of trouble.

We talk about what has to happen when our daughter gets a job too. So far she has no tattoos even though she talks about it. Yikes!!! To me that is permanent and it would hurt!