Saturday, November 19, 2016

There is nothing sacred in Retail anymore..

When I worked in retail, for 8 years, I knew that I could count on Christmas Day, New Years Day, Thanksgiving and Easter off of work.  Before and after Thanksgiving and Christmas was always insane but at least I'd get the holiday off.  I went back to college to become a Teacher and either I was a student or a teacher and had all of these holidays off.  Boy was I spoiled!!!  and I loved it!!!

I grew up with a mom, that was a waitress and a sister and stepmom that worked in hospitals.  My mom asked for Christmas Eve because that is when my family celebrates Christmas.  Then we had a quiet day on Christmas Day.  Maybe we went to see our neighbors or my Grandma that day but we had already opened our gifts the night before.  As a married woman this tradition has still continued. We celebrate with my family on Christmas Even and with Kurt's family on Christmas Day.  Last year we stayed home on Christmas Day and had his family over the Saturday after Christmas.  This year we're back to the regular schedule.  Just driving around Southern California is enough to drive someone insane.  Most of us still live here, in Southern California, so we're lucky that we don't have to travel by plane.  I keep on joking that we should all take a cruise and not worry about Christmas Eve dinners but everyone looks at me like I'm nuts.

One year, in my early 20's I went clubbing on New Years Eve.  Most of my friends were under 21 and so we went to an 18 and older club in Hollywood, CA.  Then almost all of us had to work New Years Day.  We were all exhausted, working, that day.  I thought are they crazy?  At the time, I had no idea that the retail schedules would continue to get more and more insane.

Now that Natalie, my 19 year old daughter, works in retail, I have to worry about when the stores are open.  Well some crazy person started having stores open on Thanksgiving.  What?  I won't shop on that day but now I have to worry about my daughter working that day.  We finally got her new schedule for next week.  She works 6pm to 2am  On Thanksgiving, then returns at 10am on Friday to work another long shift.  First of all, it's bad enough that we can't visit family on Thanksgiving but she doesn't even get enough time to sleep, so after Friday she'll be wiped out and probably still working the whole weekend.  Just thinking about it makes me tired.  Poor Natalie has been anxious about Black Friday Sales already.

I don't know about you, but I don't need to shop in Thanksgiving and I'm perfectly happy to wait till Friday morning to shop.  Sure super sales are grand, but sales people need to have lives too.

I wish more people, were like me, and boycotted the stores that had insane hours.  You won't find me Shopping on Thanksgivng and you won't find me shopping on New Years Day.

How do you feel about the crazy retail hours?

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