Friday, March 11, 2016

Painting the Door Red

Here is my house from 2002.  The tree, pictured on the right, cracked in half during a bad wind storm.  The city had it cut down and all we have is a stump.  We've owned our home since 1997 and when we bought it, the paint was just touched up.  It had a new roof so that is what was most important.  Who knows when it was last painted.  We are finally having our house painted.  I'm so excited!  Our painter has been sanding and patching the house for the past few days.  

Here are the Before Pictures:

Tonight Kurt and I finally figured out what colors we want to paint it.  It will have similar colors in the walls and trim, but the door will be different.  We're going to paint the door red. 

Doesn't Everything look better with a hint of red?  

The house is going to be painted with Dunn Edwards paint.  The walls will be Cottage White DEW318, the trim will be Ocean City DE5879 and the door Roses are Red DET 428.  What's funny is that we actually looked at a house that looks like Dunn Edward's version of a Ranch Style House.  I wish we had that large of a porch, but we have a large lot in a fabulous location.

Soon I'll be able to post the after pictures.  

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