Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Find People who can be Happy for You

While looking at Blog Posts on Bloglovin', I found this quote.

People who are NOT HAPPY
 with themselves,
possibly be happy with you.

It took me a long time, in life, to really understand what this means.  I used to be a really negative person and loved to complain about everything.  Oh I still complain about stuff, but not as much as a used to.  I didn't understand that complaining was reducing my daily, and other's daily joy.

I think of all the hours of negativity that my family and friends had to endure.  Now I stay away from negative people.  Now mind you, I don't want to be a "Polyanna" all the time.  It's important to be real.  If you are sad, cry and accept this sad emotion.  If you are mad, feel the anger and you can do something about it.  If you can't change it, then accept it and move on.  This is something I share with my family.

Being a negative person eventually caused me to loose my health.  It got to the point where I didn't want to get out of bed.  I was depressed and in pain.  Oh my health hasn't returned over night, but I'm slowing working on making it better.

I just joined a chair Yogalatis class which is a combo of Yoga, Pilates and using Melt balls.  Last Friday, the morning of my 2nd class, I was stiff and in pain in my shoulders and back.  I was glad to go to class because I knew I'd feel better.

Last night I went to a function at Church and got to see some of my good friends.  I hadn't seen or even talked to them in a long time and really missed them.  I made plans with one to get together with our daughters to celebrate them graduating from High School.  We'll both celebrate with our daughters, but we want to do something special since they've known each other since one was a new born and the other three months old.  Whew!  the last 18 years went by fast.  

This morning I have a pain in my back and know I need to go to my Yoga/Pilates class soon.  I have hope to feel better, especially since I saw my chiropractor the other day.  

Here are a few versions of this quote:

Click on the picture and right click to your computer.  I used difference sources of backgrounds to create these.

So remember that if someone doesn't seem happy with you it's not YOU.  Maybe they are not happy with their life and are honestly not able to be happy for you.

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