Friday, February 5, 2016


It's bad enough that I don't post more than a few times a month, but today I noticed that my footer and side notes were still holiday items.  Sigh!  I thought I was on the mend, but I got bronchitis and have had a hard time shaking it.

We had a good New Years spent with two of our best friends.  It took a long time to get out there and we ended up moving from one freeway to the other to travel east of Los Angeles.  Once we were there we had a great evening and spent the night.

On New Years Day Kurt and I went to dinner and stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool.  This was great because after breakfast I did some exercises in the pool while Kurt sat in the jacuzzi.  I did a quick turn in the jacuzzi and then took a nap before checking out.  I asked for a late check out and they let us stay until 2PM for free.  That was really wonderful!  I wish more hotels would do that.

On the 2nd we visited a friend of mine from the early 80's.  I hadn't seen him since I first started dating Kurt in 1987 when I was 25.  We had recently hooked up on Facebook and I said I was nervous since I was so much older.  Of course all of us were.  He said that isn't what matters, it's spending time with people that matter to us.  That made me feel good.

Our plans for the next few months is to remodel our bathrooms, the main one and the powder room.  Then in June we'll celebrate my daughter's high school graduation.  I think it's a great excuse to have a huge backyard party.

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