Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Link Page for Vintage Image Blogs to Help and Inspire You

I have been collecting different images from different blogs for the past 5 years.  Some of them I use their images at least once a week.  I use them for Facebook when I want to send a special Birthday or Holiday Message.  I use all of them in my blog and them when I'm creating digital art and collages online and crafts offline.  I know that I like to find the source of where an image comes from and so I created link to the blog's Flicker Pool or Pinterest Page.
To start I'm adding links to: The Graphic Fairy, The Cottage Market, Free Pretty Images for You (who also helps with Shabby Blogs) and Creative Breathing. 

If your Flicker or Pinterest pages to be added, let me know.

Here is an example of the groups work:

The Graphic Fairy
Shabby Blogs

The Cottage Market
Free Pretty Things for You

Remember I'm still working on this and will take me a while.  In the meantime I'm still writing about my vacation..Next stop:  Bedrock, Arizona.

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