Monday, January 28, 2013

The Only Way to Succeed is to Not Worry What Anyone Else is Doing

Today instead of organizing my "stuff" I'm taking a break and looking through my email.  I get lost all over the internet when I do that.  One thing that was good was that I deleted 1000's of emails.  Later I'll delete more.

Anyways, in my emails I got a newsletter from S.H.E-The Sidetracked Home Executives, who have been writing books about organizing and getting out of debt for decades.  Their latest newsletter is called Make it Fun & It Will Get Done. In today's Make it Fun, Pam shares a great "saying".  I copied it and framed it using Picmonkey.

The Only Way to Succeed Is To Not Worry About 
What Everyone Else is Doing.

This reminds me of another saying...  Worrying about tomorrow takes the energy from today.  I'm constantly reminding my husband about this cause he's such a worry wart.  He constantly acts like the money will run out or that he'll loose his job.  Now considering the way the economy is going it's understandable why he feels this way, but worrying about it won't make it better.  I try to get him to relax and enjoy the moment.  We're working or getting our life organized and paying off our bills.  Then we will feel that we have more control over our life and our future.

Right now he's cleaning out our garage and I'm working on sorting and organizing inside stuff.  It just goes on and on....  I wish we could take a break and do something fun.  That is why I'm taking a break and working on my blog. :)  I just don't have the same energy as he does, so I have to ignore what he does and concentrate on what I'm able to do (which brings us back to the saying I just framed....  I can't worry about what everyone else can do because their resources (physical, monetarily and more) is greater than mine.  My physical resources, because of my fibromyalgia, are limited and I can work for only so long.  I have to take breaks, but then I have to force myself back to work.

On Friday night I was walking by a store with Flowers in front.  I wanted to get a bouquet or pot of flowers but told myself NO.  First of all, I don't have a place to put the flowers cause of the mess I'm sorting.  Second, I want it to be my reward for a job well done.  So later today I'll continue working on my sorting and boxing and then one day, this week, I'll get my self flowers to pat myself on the back and say "good job Katharine". 

How do you reward yourself?  Please share in the comments.

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Kim said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I appreciate your compliment. That is an excellent saying. I reward myself by making something that I love to eat and having it with a cup of tea. We all have limitations. A very wise lady told me is the HALT principle. If you are hungry, eat. If you are angry, figure out why. It you are lonely buy your self a little gift. If you are tired have a nap. The last one must be for me. I am better at it today than years ago.
Good luck with your sorting and I hope you enjoy your reward.

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