Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Why I want and need to update my Computer's Windows Software

I'm sorry I haven't written in a while. I've been really busy getting ready for my husband's birthday party which is this Saturday. I had planned on doing tutorials on crafts for the party and more but between not having the money for supplies, busy with getting the house ready, and resting in between, it just didn't happen. I still have hopes to make stuff and I'll share all of this next week. 

As soon as I get up Vista program updated to Windows 7 I'm going to get Photoshop. My favorite Program, Picnik, has been completely changed and changed in the past few months. I'm not able to do the same things, easily, as I was before April. They gave us notice and I'm able to do some of the same things, like re-sizing and cropping, but it's not enough. It really bums me cause I was enjoying it so much that I changed my banner almost every month. Now I realize I'm better off keeping the same banner longer.

 Here are some banners I've created before:

I have almost every Holiday covered here.

You can see I miss doing this.  I can always reuse these, but I love creating them.  I want to create digital collages too.  Here is a collage I got from Andrea at The Cottage Market.  I love her blog and I love her Etsy stores.  I want to do something with her cute cabchons/buttons from Popalicioustoo.

I want to make digital art like this.  In the meantime check out Andrea's Blog, The Cottage Market

I'm going to working again for a few weeks starting the July,17.  I could use some of that money to get the upgrade but I have a to do/wish list a mile long.  It's also time for back to school shopping too.  My baby, Natalie, is going into 9th Grade!!!

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