Friday, June 8, 2012

Romantic Weekend turns into Retail Therapy

Last November my husband, Kurt, asked me to marry him again.  We had been estranged for about 10 years.  We lived in the same house (separate rooms) during that time for financial reasons.  We thought we'd stay in the house till Natalie graduated from High School in 2016.  The last few years have been really scary with our daughter and her mental/emotional health.  Kurt and I decided that a) we needed to be a united team and b) that we still loved each other and didn't want to get a divorce, like we planned.  Since we were dealing with a lot of issues we couldn't just run away for a romantic weekend.  Plus, we had to get reacquainted.

For months we had been planning on going away in early June and we finally we left on Sunday afternoon for one day.  We had lunch in Glendale.  Checked out the American Brand Mall that is created by the same person that created "The Grove" by the Farmer's Market in Los Angeles.  We stayed at the Saga Hotel which was by the Rose Parade Route.  For dinner we went to El Cholo.  The restaurant started in downtown Los Angeles and in Santa Monica.  I'd been to the one in Santa Monica a few times.  It was great having a peaceful dinner with my husband. 

Natalie was staying with a close friend so we thought we'd have no problems.  At 3am we got a call from her.  Not only did her boyfriend break up with her but she and her BFF got in a huge fight.  She went to our house and just cried and cried.  She finally called us hysterical and Kurt went to pick her up.  She slept on the floor and we snuck her out in the AM.  Kurt had gotten us stuff from the Continental Breakfast while we slept in and so we waited to get lunch.

I wanted to go to the Huntington Library and Garden in San Marin ?  but we decided to go another time.  I found out that one of the Container stores was in Pasadena so we went there.  Now money is tight so I couldn't go hog wild like I wanted.  I ended up  spending under $5.  This is amazing considering that I've wanted to go there for a few years.  I knew that I could get everything online or other stores so I just restrained myself.  I'm a container freak so this was hard but doable.

This is what we got:

Natalie and I got the square flat boxes in Purple and Green for our meds (for our purses).

I'll share how I'm using this in July.

After going to the container store we drove to the American Brand because they have a 2 story Forever 21 and I knew Natalie would love that.  She and I saw one when we were in San Francisco and most of the ones we see are much smaller.  The mall is outdoors and is so charming.

The fountain was unique because it sprouted water to music.  It was so fun!!!

We ended up walking a block away to the biggest In N Out we had ever seen.  

Shortly after lunch we headed back home which was 30 minutes away with out traffic.  In Los Angeles, when we drive some where we mention time and not miles because of the traffic.  Unfortunately it was after 4pm and the traffic was bad.  

Kurt and I need to reschedule couples time another weekend.   Next time I'm having Natalie stay with Grandparents.  Sigh!!!  What's really maddening is that by Monday night she and her BFF were no longer fighting and had lousy excuses for the fight. All I can say it was Teenage Hormones and Emotions.  Because of Natalie's past we couldn't just fluff her feelings off and listen to her 911 call.


JOY 2 JOURNEY said...

Wow, you had a lot going on! So glad that you linked to The "Sunday Stop" and shared a piece of our life. Hope your next time with hubbie is not interrupted.

Katharine Devinney said...

There is always another time. :) We were married for 9 years before having Natalie so we had tons of time then.

Zaftig Diva said...

Even as your recount shared some intense moments, I can see from the numerous and varied photos that there were also incredibly light times as well.

Our relationships are the most important treasure we have. Thank you for sharing so honestly.

lettersfromlaunna said...

I think it is wonderful that you and your husband have reconnected. Your blog is beautiful and honest.

~ Mona said...

My husband just announced that after 18 yrs of marrage, 2 boys, 1 granddaughter on the way, almost 25 yrs together... it's over. He also wants to wait until our youngest graduates from high school next spring.
This gives me hope that he will come around and realize he can't just throw us away.

The Cottage Market {Andrea} ♥ said...

I think this is fantastic that the two of you have reunited! It is real...honest and heart felt and I loved this story! sending you tons of hugs!!!