Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rainbow Petal's Giveaway

I just found this new site called 5 Dollar Dinners.  I love to find inexpensive recipes.  I read a report saying that if you eat dinner at home at least 5 nights a week you can live 10 years longer than those that eat away from home.  I have to admit, I love to eat out.  I love that my conversations are focused on the food and company and not on every day stuff.  Lately my husband has wanted to cook dinner so of course I let him. lol  Last night I should have taken pictures of the dinner, it was so beautiful.  We had a large salad, cauliflower, chicken breast that was cooked with herbs and lemons.  This was all on the plate and there were cooked lemon slices on the chicken. I felt like we were eating at a gourmet restaurant.  

We've been trying to save money and improve our health by eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less bread and starches.  I know I'm not always the best example because I love sweet things like danishes and cakes.  I pigged out at my niece's graduation party and felt good that i had a healthy meal last night.

On the site for 5 Dollar Dinners they are having a giveaway for Rainbow Petal Rainbow Art that become a flower.  I want these dishes but I'm being generous by letting you know about it too.   

Go here:  to learn more about the giveaway. The link also shares how dinner bars help save money when you are entertaining.  I'm having family and a few close friends over for my husband's birthday in July.  The Rainbow petals would be perfect for my buffet table.

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