Thursday, March 15, 2012

Making Lists, Following Dreams while dealing with Reality

I have so many lists and dreams for my house. It isn't just money that stops me but the ability and energy to do them. Between my fibromyalgia and female surgery last fall I've been under the weather. I'm working like an turtle that needs to hibernate often. Aesop's Fable, "The Tortoise and the Hare" has always been one of my favorite stories growing up. I was always the slow kid so I think..ok I'll win in the end. Through out my life I've had many winning moments but now I have to deal with being slower than usual.


I just started to work a few hours a week and I'm enjoying getting out of the house. I pick up a 12 year old boy and take him home and get him started on his homework. On days that he has evening plans, like Hebrew lessons, etc. I make him a snack/lite meal so he isn't cranky before his mom has a chance to feed him. While I'm there I keep him on task and play with their adorable dog, Kiko. The mom jokes that the dog thinks I'm there for him. If the dog wants to go out or play he growls at me till I do what I want. We play fetch inside with soft toys and fetch with a Frisbee outside. All of that is easy except when I've had a bad day. Most of the time I'm happy when I leave and I feel good because I have helped someone and I've made a bit of cash that is greatly needed.

Kiko is a Blue Merle Collie like this dog.  Like Lassie but with grey hair.

Now I'm trying to catch up with things and getting stuff done at home. I'm going to share my lists and let you know what I've done. I wish I was energetic and busy like other bloggers but I have to remember that I have to be "great" for me and not compare myself to others.

Fibrofog is a drag but I promise I don't pee in plants.



barbandemily said...

Hi, Katharine. I too have fibro, and know what you mean about finding the energy to follow your dreams! How can I reorganize or even just paint a room when I can't keep on top of the day-to-day stuff? Like you, I also work a few hours a week - in the morning, helping a young friend with special needs get ready to catch her school bus. Some days I come home and just collapse with fatigue - but I so love my job! Hang in there! The sunny weather we've been having is lifting my spirits - wishing you sunshine too! Barb

Kat from California said...

Barb, Thanks for your encouragement! I'm in Southern California so cloudy weather is a break for me. Especially after a heatwave.

Rea said...

I just stumbled upon your blog, and I too can relate. I have fibromyalgia. I am 45 years old, and I feel like I am 81, most days. Today was a very bad day for me, I looked like that lion all laid out, I was going to craft today, but it didn't happen. I am a Christian, and I keep looking to the Lord. I know he see's me, and his grace is with me, it is just hard some days. I hope you had a good day today. If you would like to follow my blog, I would love that. God bless and hugs.