Saturday, June 11, 2011

When Natalie turned 6 Part One

After seeing everyone's before and after pictures, I wanted to share the pictures from when I did Natalie's bedroom when she turned 6.  Before this she had the Laura Ashley "Hey Diddle Diddle" Theme and everything was blue and yellow.  Then I added a quilt for her big girl bed and eventually I painted her room a very pale purple that was almost white.  Her grandparents bought her the quilt and sham after I asked them to.  I found purple valances with fairy princess dress, crowns and tiaras on it.  Then I put flower fairies everywhere.  I still have a mini mirror with a flower fairy, from my aunt in Sweden and have loved the flower fairies from when I was very young.  My mom teased me that this was my dream room, and she is right. :)

Put these Wallie Fairies all over her room.  I put the yellow one flying down to touch her pillow.

Got these images, framed, on e-bay.

I found this lovely website, The Flower Fairy Official Website,when looking for images for this post, that has everything flower fairy.

 I wish there was this website when I was doing research for her room.  At the time there wasn't very much stuff out.  I had be creative and search everywhere online and in stores.  It's funny cause a few years, after doing her room, Halmark came out with the Flower Fairy Ornaments and I could find the stuff everywhere.  I even had a switch plate with fairies.  Hers was the lavender fairy and mine was a pink fairy (I still have mine). 

Continued at Part 2:

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Tasha said...

Beautiful post!
Thanks for sharing at Pinkalicious Thursday!

Sanghamitra Bhattacherjee(Mukherjee) said...

Beautiful! Loved your space! HPS!