Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Favorite Things #2 Flamingoes


Our church held a fund raiser for the youth group.  If someone paid $20 they could nominate a family to have their yard "flocked".  My friend had our house flocked with these pink plastic flamingos.  Then we had our friends and neighbors flocked too.  It was really fun to do and a huge surprise, to us, when we found all the flamingos on our lawn. 

Since when are flamingos blue?  Amazing what photo editors can do.

The beautiful color of Flamingoes (and a number of other colorful birds) is acquired from their diet. The small crustaceans and algae that the flamingoes eat contain carotinoid and other natural pigments that are processed in the body and deposited in the growing feathers. (Carotene is one of the most common carotinoid pigments and is what makes Carrots and other vegetables orange in color.) Only specific red chemical compounds will color Flamingoes. This means that you can't turn a Flamingo blue by feeding it blue colored food. At the zoo we add a product called Roxanthin Red to their food. This is what gives Flamingoes their bright "Pink" color.

Flamingo Painting

Of course we can't forget Alice in Wonderland and the flamingo used as a croquet mallet.

Alice and Flamingo T-Shirt-  I want this shirt.


Beverly said...

Happy Pink Saturday, Kat.

I love flamingos, too. When I was a young child we lived near a park that had quite a few flamingos. I always asked my father to drive by so we could see them.

I hope you have a wonderful reunion.

suesueb said...

Loving all your flamingos! We decorated my granddaughters room with them when she was born and she loves them too!! Happy pink week!

Marydon said...

Cute flamingo yard decor.
Happy PS weekend ~

Kathryn Ross said...

Well, your flamingos are just too much fun! And what an interesting fundraiser idea. I shall have to keep that one in mind!
Joy to you!
Miss Kathy

LV said...

Enjoyed visiting you blog and the pinks your shared. Flamingos make great yard decorations said...

I love the pink flamingos! Hope you have a great time at your family reunion.

Happy Pink Saturday ~ I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Nicole Blean said...

This is great! I love flamingos. What a funny idea about flocking someone's yard with them.

Robin said...

I have some 24 flamingos out in my yard. Flamingos are pink because of the shrimp they eat.....not sure what a blue flamingo eats to turn blue.....maybe blueberries?
Have a pinkishly beautiful weekend

dana said...

Love the "flocking the yard" idea for a fund raiser!!

Have a great family reunion....what a gift!

Happy Pink Saturday! dana

Gifts By Katherine said...

Love the flamingos. Have fun at the reunion. Hopping over from Pink Saturday. I enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Hugs

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Flamingos are so fun! Brings a bit of laughter each time I see them!

poppilinnstudios said...

Love the Flamingos! My daughters high school class just finished flocking our neighborhood through the months of May and June. Guess it's a popular fundraiser! Have a good day.

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, this is the neatest story!! And what a great's fantastic!!! Have a wonderful time on your trip.


Robin said...

still making my way down the Mad Tea list....

So sorry I am late
For this important date.
I'm still making my way down the list.

With too little time
I'm leaving this rhyme
For I'm adamant about wanting to persist.

All this running about
Has left me dry in the mouth.
Might I have a cup of tea?

Your pink flamingos
look just like mine
But that blue one is so odd to me.

Oh my, the time
It goes so fast
I must be on my way

But fear not friend
I shall return
Please……Have a beautiful day.

❀~Myrna~❀ said...

I have enjoyed your party!
Happy UnBirthday to you !