Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday to Pink Saturdays

Happy 3rd Birthday to Pink Saturday.  
May we all have many more years of enjoying perfect pretty petal pink petunias and other perfect pink delights.

In honor of Pink Saturday's Birthday, I'm sharing a collage I made with Natalie's 6th Birthday photos.  It was a Hello Kitty Theme and a neighbor helped do their nails with pink sparkle polish.  While they waited turns swinging on our old swing-set.  Shortly before her birthday I surprised Natalie with her room being redone.  No more Blue and Yellow Baby stuff to a Pink and Purple Fairy land.  She was a happy girl that year.  I was happy too cause I gave what I would have wanted.

Now go to Beverly's site to celebrate the day.

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LV said...

Enjoyed visiting and seeing the neat pinks you shared.