Monday, December 27, 2010

Recuperating from a Blah Christmas

This year it was really hard to get in the spirit.  I wanted to create crafts and make food stuff.  My daughter was sick off and on all month long.  She was even sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  On Christmas Eve, when I visited my family, her dad stayed with her and on Christmas Day I let her dad go to his family's place. I knew I was missing out on great food.  His sister is an amazing cook.  I hope she liked her Christmas gift I made that I blogged about here.

Luckily her dad bought her a Wii for Christmas and she and I hooked it up to Netflix and watched movies all day.  Today she was feeling a bit better and was playing with the Wii sports and Wii Resort games.  I was practicing Tennis, Canoeing, Waveboarding and Jet Skiing.  I was having fun and getting a bit of exercise.  I was feeling twinges here and there so I know I was moving a muscle or two.  I figured every little movement I make can help. <grin>

In addition to Natalie getting sick, her dad's car broke down two times this past week.  First it was the alternator and tomorrow I have to take it in to fix a flat tire.  We're going to leave the car at the Mechanics while we eat breakfast or lunch (depending on what time we get out of the house).  I want to exchange her top that she doesn't like at Old Navy and then get her PJ pants.  Of course the pair I bought a year ago are too tight.  She grew in all directions this past year.  She grows in the right places, unlike her mom.

Monday night my Dad and his wife, Emily, are coming for dinner.  They are bringing Natalie's gift because they wanted to watch her open it.  It's an extra special gift so I understand that they didn't want it to just go home with me.

When Christmas is over I think, wow that went fast.  Even though I got to visit my family, I was in a funk thinking of Natalie at home sick.  Then she and I were home all day Sunday.  I sure hope she feels better soon.  Now I'll just hope for a good New Year's Eve.  It's usually spent with friends and we watch the New Years shows to make sure we get the time right.  Then we go outside and bang pots and pans.  It's something about making noise that makes you feel like a kid.

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