Sunday, December 5, 2010

Starting my Christmas Craft Projects

This was already posted as a guest post at 3 Four and Under a week ago.  I decided to post it again on my own blog.  As far as I know there isn't a rule about that. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.  I'm slowly getting into the spirit.  I just need to get all the stuff down from the rafters in the garage.  My nickname used to be Miss. Christmas because I'd make everyone stuff.  I love to make stuff and I hope to make a few things for the family.  I'm not going to stress out about it, just have fun (by the way I'm telling myself that stuff...I don't know why but I always get stressed out).  I'm singing songs in my head and thinking good calm thoughts.

Every year I get great ideas to make crafts for everyone.  So far I've only made stamped and colored note cards for packages.  This year after, being inspired by my fellow blogger, I decided to copy a few ideas.  One idea I copied from Allison at HOP because I loved it and knew who I wanted to make it for.  She painted  clay pots, turned them upside down and it looks like a Christmas tree.  I changed mine a bit using ribbon instead of a painted rim on the pot
On Monday, Natalie and I went to Michael's to buy supplies to make gifts for the family.  We bought boxes t decoupage, clay pots to create trees, craft paint, silver spray paint, scrapbook paper, stickers and more.  What amazes me is how fast everything adds up.  After spending about $50 this is what we got!!!

Now it's time to get creative.  My favorite part!

I painted some of the paper mache hearts and circles, on both sides.  I still want to get gold paint to match this paper. I'll put this ornament aside till I buy the gold paint.

I used this cute retro reindeer paper to create these ornaments.  First I painted the back and front with a lime green, to match the paper.  Then I glued the circles onto the front.  I was thinking of embellishing it but the paper is so cute I didn't want to cover it.

I'm going to use some vintage images on some of the other ornaments that I do next week. I'll play around with the other ornaments I make this season. So far this has been fun.  I'm getting so many great ideas from my fellow blogger.

After finishing the ornaments,  I spray painted 3 pots, in 3 different sizes silver.

 I worked on the silver set and will do something with the green set next week.  I glued on these ribbons with a glue gun and then put on stickers.

The last star I'm going to put it on a stick to stand up at the top.

I'm giving this to my sister-in-law Cindra because it matches her fine dining set that she inherited from her Mom.  The plates are an amazing retro aqua green with silver and white.  Hopefully I can get a picture of it on Christmas Day.

While spraying the silver set I sprayed a second set in hunter green.  This will be more traditional looking.

Next week I'm looking for more stickers and stuff for the green pots.  I wonder what I'm going to do with my next set.  I'm addicted to spray painting now.  I spray painted the other night and it was 35 degrees outside.  Then it started to rain.  Now I know why most of you only spray paint 6 months of the year.  The silver pots ended up getting gunky cause of the re-does.  I'll remember to spray paint another time when there are clear skies.

Are you doing any crafts this Christmas?

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