Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whew! What a week!

I'm sorry that I haven't blogged much this week.  Last weekend I had a slumber party for my daughter's 13th Birthday.  The party started Friday night and ended Sunday afternoon. I had 4-6 kids here at different times over the weekend.   At one point 5 teenagers walked down the hallway.  When they are as tall as me or taller it seems like 50 kids walking down the hallway.  For every teen the noise level was louder and louder.  I would ignore some stuff and let some go cause it wasn't worth the fight.  They had a blast and I hid out in the opposite side of the house.  My house is 1160 square feet so I wasn't far away.  Other than making sure there was food and stuff, I let them run their own party.  I let Natalie rent 4 movies on Movie on Demand (our Dvd player isn't working).  After 3 movies, on Sunday afternoon I said 4th choice has to be something I'll enjoy.  My daughter yelled out..Mom we're watching Charlie St. Cloud.  So I ran to find a spot on my chair.  At this point there were just 3 kids, including my daughter..whew.  I warmed up more taquitos and watched the movie.  What a great movie, sad but very moving and it ends on a happy note.

On Monday I thought whew I can just rest today and recuperate.   Well that didn't happen because I got a call to get my daughter at school.  Over the weekend she had stepped on glass, on the sidewalk, and cut her toe.  She didn't show it to me till it was too late and so I took her to the Drs on Monday afternoon.  She came home because she all of a sudden couldn't walk on it (didn't have a problem over the weekend).  The Dr even had an xray done to make sure no glass was left behind.  We got instructions to have her soak her feet 3 x's a day.  Well that night she started to get ill and by Thursday afternoon we were in ER because she was showing signs of dehydration.  We were in for 6 hours!  They hooked her up to an IV and gave her anti-nausea meds.  Friday we both slept most of the day.  This is why I'm on the computer in the middle of the night.

While we were in ER Natalie had her dad (he popped by on the way home from work) take photos of her with the IV.  After getting over her fear of needles and being hydrated, she was happy and wanted to memorize the event.
Her eyes are dark because her makeup ran.

 What a crazy kid!  I'm just glad she feels better.

Maisy Goes to the Hospital: A Maisy First Experience Book

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