Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Fanciful Twist

One of my favorite blogs to look at is by Vanessa at "A Fanciful Twist".

 For those that join her Halloween Party and Mad Tea Party know how fun she is. I joined her tea party a few days before the event so I didn't have time to create anything, but I thought about the Halloween one for a long time. Finally after seeing some of her videos on youtube, I was inspired to create our own video which can be seen on this post.

Vanessa is an amazing artist and I love seeing how she lives and the worlds that she creates. Here are pictures of her studio that give you an idea how she creates. She has an Etsy shop and I recently bought some Christmas post cards, other cards and this lovely print.

A Flower Song

She uses several art mediums to create her art.  Isn't this piece lovely?  I just love how she creates and thinks.  She knows my daughter and I are huge fans.  She loved our video in return.  Everything reminds me of my childhood and my own fanciful dreams.  I'm trying to recreate these dreams today.

Check out "A Fanciful Twist" Etsy store and Vanessa's blog for wonderful inspiration or somewhere to find something to smile at. :)


a fanciful twist said...

OH YES, how I giggled at your video! It was so cute and funny, the kids were hilarious, weren't they?

Thank you for such a lovely and touching post. You are such a kind would.

Warmest as ever,


ps: You banner is so rich and delicious, it makes me want to hang on to autumn forever.

a fanciful twist said...

Oops. I am the typo queen lately.

I meant to say, you are such a "kind soul." I have no idea on earth how the word "would" ended up there, tee heeee ;)


Kat from California said...

Thanks Vanessa for the compliments. would? lol it's the thought that counts right? Katharine

avril said...

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