Friday, September 24, 2010

Who is Your Favorite Children's Illustrator/Artist?

One of the things that I loved about Teaching was the excuse to look at Children's books.  If I had known that I was only going to teach for a little over a year I probably wouldn't have bought so many books, but I had a good library for my daughter.  I chose to stay home with my baby and quit my job.  We moved 30 miles away and when I wanted to work again it was difficult to find a job.

One of my favorite Children's Writers/Illustrators is Jan Brett.  I especially love the Christmas stories with the naught trolls.  Brett's illustrations are influenced by Scandanavian folk art.  Since my parents are from Sweden, it appeals to me that much more.  Jan's main character is always in the background of the story but is used in every book. This character is Hedgie, the Hedgehog.  Hedgehogs is one of my Mom and my Aunt's favorite animals.  They look like miniture Porcupines and are just adorable.  Many remember them as being the croquet "balls" in the Alice in Wonderland stories.

Jan Brett has a beautiful website and on that site she has some freebies.  These freebies include placemants, to print, coloring pages and Calendar pages.  I'm going to share some Halloween Pages with you today.

 Click on the image and you should be able to print it.  I've included the link here for all her Halloween goodies.

Who is your favorite Children's Illustrator/Artist?

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