Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tell the Truth Thursday- Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or night time person?

9/2 - Are you a morning, afternoon, evening or night time person? Has it changed over the years?  Join me and Redhead Writter for:

Tell The Truth Thursday

When I was a child my mom could tell the time by when I'd go to bed.  I went to bed by 8:30PM every night.  Now I start coming alive at that time.  This is especially true on super hot days.  Recently we had a heatwave with the highest being 111 degrees F.  It's been a mild summer with low to high 80's so it was a shock to our system.  I don't handle heat well because of my fibromyalgia.  My fibro affects my sleep patterns too!!  Often I'm all wired at night and can't sleep, so if I have nothing going on I sleep during the day.  On nights that I'm suppose to go to sleep early I end up tossing and turning.  No fun!  When its late night I'm wide awake which is why I blog at night.  Then I take a "nap" in the morning.

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eof777 said...

Hi There,
I wrote on being a night owl... I enjoyed reading your piece as I can relate to those nights when sleep simply disappears and I toss and turn in bed. Sending you healing light!
I stopped by from RedHead Riter's Tell The Truth Thursday to support you. Do stop by my blog and say hello too!