Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Spider Web Rice Art Fun & Easy

Warning:  A lot of great links...

I don't know about you but I love what I find when I'm blog hopping.  Lately this is my funnest hobby.  Anyways, I was looking at the art from Vintage Fairy's Brag Monday and I followed the blog of the Marie Antoinette's Art.  This has nothing to do with Halloween but I loved the name of the blog,
Vintiquities Workshop and had to check it out.  There she is asking for votes so she can give out free workshops, so that sounds fun, so of course I voted.  Then I followed the link, from Censible Savings to get a free e-book.  At favecraft.com I found this cool Halloween tutorial.  I just had to share this with you.  I'm probably not the first to share it but here goes:

Halloween Spiderweb Rice Art

 Here is something that is easy enough to do with Toddlers and Preschoolers but I think older kids will find it fun too.  I know that I'm planning on sharing it with Natalie, she's almost 13,  after school today.

Here are the items you need:
• Uncooked white rice

• Sheet of black construction paper
• Glue


1. With the glue, start from one corner and draw a line of glue to the opposite corner.
2. Do the same thing to the other two corners. Your paper should have a white X on it. (see video below for more instructions).
3. Draw a line from the center of one side to the opposite side.
4. Do the same thing with the other two sides. You should now have a + and X on the paper with all of the lines intersecting in the center of the paper.
5. About one inch from the intersection, draw a circle or octagon with the glue. You can make an octagon buy connecting each line with a small line in between.
6. An inch from this circle (octagon) draw around it another circle (octagon). Keep doing this until you get to the edge of the paper.
7. Cover all of the glue by shaking the rice on to the paper.
8. Let the glue dry.
9. Lift the paper up vertically, allowing the unglued rice to fall off.

Here is the youtube video that shows you what to do:
Spiderweb Art for Halloween by One Minute Crafts.com

Doesn't that look fun and easy?  I think it would be fun to dye the rice with food coloring and try different colored construction paper.  Well, I'm off to get my stuff ready for this afternoon.  Have a great week everyone.


Thespa McLaughlin said...

Thanks you for sharing my Vintiquities Workshop link from the Graphics Fairy website. Glad you had fun and I appreciate you stopping by. Hope you have a great week!

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Always a fun project! Thanks for linking up with Get Your Craft On. Please add a text link or button in your post for Today's Creative Blog.

MessyMissy said...

Great idea. I host a craft time at our local library and I think this would be perfect. Thanks for the inspiration!! :-)

The Zany Housewife said...

What a neat idea. Too bad my toddler would end up eating the glue or throwing the rice. lol. I might just do it anyway and let her take the credit. ;)

Kat from California said...

Zany, lol I wouldn't have done it with mine either (I hate to say). Luckily, for her, she went to preschool and got to do stuff like that there. Now I look back and think..oh why didn't I do more? The reality is that I didn't know about all this cool stuff back then. I'm going to remember it when I go back into teaching though. Big issue..how to keep the rice from getting all over the house. If you end up doing the project, let me know how it went.