Monday, August 30, 2010

Does Perfume and Clothes make Tweens too Alluring?

Today I read an article about a woman, from Orange County, California who created a perfume for teens. Some of the proceeds go to help homeless puppies. The perfume is called Puppy Love 4 Girlz and has fruity scents of pomegranate, grapefruit, orange, lavendar and green tea.  She claims that it is a light scent and is approved by mom's and grandma's.  She feels that floral perfumes are more mature.

 This perfume is selling for $35 which I think is extremely expensive for young tweens.  Since the inventor is from a ritzy area, Foothills Ranch of Orange County, she isn't in tune with the majority of young women today (especially in this economy).  I was reading the responses from people and the one that I thought was silly was: "...aren’t tweens like 10-13 years old? and isn’t the whole premise behind fragrances to attract men, and to signal to men that you are available? not that i have anything against that, but parents dont be shocked if ur tween’s behavior becomes more “adult” in terms of relationships, boys, and men."   Another person commented that perfume invented in the times when people rarely took baths (when there was no indoor plumbing) and for people to smell better. 

Do you think that a tween is making themself too aluring if they wear perfume?  I don't!  Like another commented "The real problem isn’t perfume, it’s teaching your daughter to wear suggestive clothing, like a halter and mini skirt from 4 years old on. Besides, there have always been scents for girls, they just haven’t changed in forever and there is only so long anyone will want to smell of baby powder."

When I was growing up I wore Love's Baby Soft.  Remember that smell?  I still do!!

  I recently tried to find it for my nieces and my daughter and started to think..will they think it's too babyish?  Kids are so different today (I know every generation says this).  The big change is that this generation is being brought up in the times of the internet and as much as we try to shelter them, they find out things they shouldn't know young.  Most tweens and teens don't let their mom and dads know what they are thinking.  My daughter, and her friends, talk to me about anything.  One of her friend's mom isn't around and she needs someone to talk to.  I'm glad they can talk to me but sometimes I'd rather be in the dark.  I try to give the best information possible.  I'd rather they get the answers from me than from a boy who only has one thing on their mind.
Do you think kids are growing too fast?  Do perfume or clothes cause a girl to look "easy"?  I'd love to hear everyone's opinion.


Shannon said...

Hey there popping over from BlogFrog.

Now I dont think that these perfumes are that horrible. However I do think that clothes for girls anymore are just too much. I mean when my daughter was younger I worked very hard to make sure that she could pass the bend over test and that she still looked age appropriate.

I am not a big fan of mini skirts, short shorts, halter tops, belly shirts, and super low rise pants on little girls yet that seems to be all that is out there.

Maybe it is just my old mind but when they started trying to make Brittany Spears the idol for tween and teen girls were horrible people. Hell I didnt even allow her music in my home period.

Kat from California said...

Hi Shannon, My daughter is 12 going on 13 and wants blue hair. Last night she emailed me and told me all the things she would do for me (ie chores, etc) if I let her bleach her hair and then dye it blue, pink, purple- a different color when she wanted. We of course told her no. She ranted and raved because she couldn't get what she wants. Yikes!! I told her the subject is closed!! Sigh!! Of course she comes in an hour it time to talk about it yet? I told her not till she's 16 or out of the house. We explained that we didn't want a daughter with blue hair that we wanted her to look the way she is suppose to look. We allow her to put makeup and nail polish on and other things...but blue hair? forget it. Halloween yes, for school NO.

Nichole said...

It is definitely a tough call. I like to let my 7 year old daughter express herself. She loves to dress up and wear makeup and put in hair extensions (like Hannah Montana.) However, she is not allowed to wear makeup out of the house. All of our girls are reminded of what is appropriate. My husband is very good about talking to our teenage daughter about her clothing too. I have commented on other blogs in the past. I think it is sad to see so many young girls with the barely there shorts and tons of makeup. I love style, I love fashion, self expression and I love perfume! I don't thing any of this stuff is wrong if you are communicating with your kids about things like moderation and teaching self-respect...
Parenting is tough that's for sure! :)