Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Follow Me Monday


In addition to my Meet me up Monday where you learn more about me and fellow Bloggers, there is another linky at Follow Me Monday (see button above).

Officially it's Tuesday morning so I'm late with the Monday linky but I like to help others out.  Today my daughter and her dad are coming home from their trip.  All I know is that he is due back to work on Wednesday and they are North of San Francisco.  I doubt they will be back till late tonight.  It's over 6 hours to get here and with two tween girls it should take longer than normal.  Then again their bladders are better than mine. lol

The Little Road Trip Handbook

At first I missed Natalie terribly and then I got used to just answering to myself.  I think this time alone has been good for me.  I worked on a little project and as soon as a I get a camera I'm taking photos before embellishing it.  I watched TV and blogged till the wee hours and just followed my own biological clock.  I slept in on Monday and took several naps.  Then I went to Target at 9:30 even though I knew it closed at 10pm.  I bought a few things, most importantly cat litter and cat treats and then came home and surprised the cats.  They were happy campers. > ^ ^ <  purrr!!!

Whisker Lickins Crunch Lovers Tuna Flavor Cat Treats, 4-Ounce Canisters (Pack of 10)

I was lucky and the weather wasn't overly hot.  Knock on wood it stays that way!!  It's hard to be productive when you're so worn out from go ing outside.  Another reason why I do so much at night.  I have to be extra careful to not get over heated because of my fibromyalgia and the medicine I take.  Since I'm in Southern California it causes me to have to be a day hermit. The evenings are usually really nice where I live so that's the silver lining.

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