Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays: Things I want for my Office/Bedroom


alicia said...

The white table is lovely. I have a mile long list for my office too. Sigh. But not in the budget right now. Thanks for stopping by for WW!

Kat from California said...

Thanks Alicia. The table and legs are from IKEA. The plain legs are only $5 a piece and the fancier ones (like in the picture) are $10 a piece. I went to look at it alone and it's in silver. Of course there is always white paint or getting table legs from the home improvement store (which would be more expensive). Sigh!!

I want two tables/desks. One with a keyboard attached and the 2nd table for writing, crafts and packaging my store goodies.

The picture of you is really good. Who took your photo? or did you set up a tripod?