Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 8

Today I want to link to some of my older posts that I did about a year ago.  I was new at blogging and was promoting my online store.  These blog posts are mostly about Barbies. At the time I did a blog for subject then realized I was suppose to have one blog and many posts. It is interesting to see how I've grown since then. I think they are good posts for a beginner.  By the way, I cheated and put in a better background tonight.

One of the Barbies I sold.  This one was sent to Australia.

Another old blog post that I created is about my cats.

Natalie gave Pepsi a taste of whip cream before taking the picture.

Have fun with me going down blogging memory lane.


Theresa C said...

The cat on the picture looks so cute! We only have 2 dogs right now but hubby wants a cat too.

Following... :D

Kat from California said...

Thanks Theresa. I adopted her and her sister, Shasta, from a local shelter when they were kittens. They are 5 now. :) We don't have a dog and my daughter wants one. The cats are enough for now.