Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Master Bedroom Remodel

I recently had my room painted light pink Beirs  Botichelli Pink mixed with white.  The paint was too pink (never say so!!) but even for me it was too too sweet.  So my sister mixed in white and now it's perfect.  This is the color.

Before we could paint everything was taken from my room, except the large pieces of furniture.  The furniture was moved back and forth.  I have been trying to clear clutter for years but you never realize how much junk you have till you are clearing all the nooks and cranies of a room and closet. 

Then I slowly put things back.  I would have loved to take a longer time moving in my crafts, but I had to be ready for my mom's 80th party on June 5th.

Brazillian Cherry Laminate Wood was a great deal at 99cents per square foot @ Home Depot, Los Angeles, California

My sister and her boyfriend were painting and redoing the floors.  Wow he works fast!!   Anyways, I was able to get pictures of my room closet and stuff before everything was put back.

Painted Closet before clothes, crafts and what nots are returned to it.

  Now the room is in the transition stage.  The curtains are hung but none of the pictures or the free standing bookshelves are hung yet.  In the meantime, I'm trying to keep it clean and organized which isn't very easy for me.

Desk was moved to the left of the window.

Tomorrow I will take more pictures.  Plus, I need to share the wickerset redo.  My sister took before pictures so I'll have to wait to post the afters.

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