Monday, May 3, 2010

Sorry I haven't posted lately...

I've been remodeling my house and I got sick for a few weeks.  We're putting in new floors and having most rooms painted.  I'll post pictures later.  My daughter and I have asthma and the carpets had to go.  They were over 12 years old and gross.  Nothing would have restored them again.  I was amazed out how much dirt was found under them.  So far every room, but the Master bedroom has the new floors.  My sister, Anne Marie and her boyfriend, Dan are doing the painting and floors.  Plus I got new counters, sink and faucet in the kitchen.  Since we still have the 40+ year old cabinets, I didn't put in expensive counters.  We just put in Formica.  The Formica looks great compared the old  ...hmmm what is nicer than crap!!  The sink was pink!!  Can you imagine how old that was?  Now I know it could be cool and retro, but this was old and cracked.  Now it's white porcelain and a travertine stone look counters.  The walls will be a dark yellow that is darker than the soft yellow in the living room.  It's all looking great.  My sister also got sick so she hasn't been up, from San Diego, for a few weeks.  She is suppose to return again soon.  Then Dan will continue with the floors and other projects.

In June my Mom is turning 80 so we're going to have the party at my place to show off the new floors, etc.  The party will be in the backyard.  I'm spray painting a wicker set that was my neighbors and I got cushions for the chair and love seat.  I'm making pillows to match.  I'm going to put out candles and hanging lanterns and create small floral arrangements for all the tables.  We're having the dinner catered by a local Mexican Restaurant.  Yum!!

These too create hairballs the size of hamsters.  It will be so much easier to sweep the laminate floors.

I'll post pictures later.  I am using this as an excuse to "clean house".  The things I've found while cleaning and organizing have been from disgusting (dust and junk in and under the old carpets) to exciting (jewelry and photos).  It's amazing the goodies that you loose during everyday living.  Everyone else in the house is doing the same.  I'm find goodies that I'm going to sell (still need to take photographs).  I gave away more than half of my books to the library.  They include recipe books, craft books, text books, novels, paperbacks and hardbound.  The list goes on and on.  It's funny cause I was at a liquidation sale nearby and I think I found my book in there.  It was a Richard Simmon's book.  I bought that at a used book store years and years ago.  I could have tried to sell the books, but figured the library could either use the books or sell them for funds.  I needed to get rid of the clutter.  Clutter is a bad thing and it's so easy to let it happen.

With my fibromyalgia I'm not able to keep up with everything.  I've always had a habit of throwing things aside to go through later.  Well my room was wall to wall of boxes and bags that I needed to go through later.  I finally decided that later was now.  I have been doing this in the living room and kitchen too.  It seems like the stuff multiplies when you start to drag it out of cupboards and bookshelves.  I just get excited when it's taken out, either to Goodwill, the library, or put aside for me to sell.  I know that I'll be more creative and capable of giving my best to my business, "Kat's Purrfect Boutique". (Pictures coming soon)

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