Monday, August 1, 2016

Summer Goes too Fast

After all the hoopla this past June, from my daughter's graduation from High School, this has been a very sleepy Summer.  We're very proud of Natalie because she was Valedictorian of her Senior Class. My husband is finally taking a week off of work and we're going to the mountains for 3 nights, just the two of us.  I feel bad about leaving Natalie home alone, but she'll be busy with her boyfriend and friends.  Kurt and I need some much needed time alone together.  I told him as long as there is a pool I'm happy.

We're going to go to Big Bear, in the San Bernadino Mountains that is a few hours away from us.  We live in the San Fernando Valley which is North West of Downtown Los Angles.  If you ever saw the movie, "Valley Girl", it took place where we live.  Fer Sure!  

  The last time I was in Big Bear was when I was about 20 and had gone skiing for the first and last time.  Even though I only went on the Bunny Slopes, meant it was for the beginners, I was scared going up on the chairs and scared going down.  It didn't help that the first chair ride my skis caught caught with my boyfriend's skis.  They stopped the chairs from moving and he had to remove his ski, up in the air, then put it back.  I'm afraid of heights so this was a harrowing experience for me.  The second time I tried to go down the slope someone ran into me and I fell.  I had to try to get up and turn myself around.  When I was going down the hill I felt like I would never stop in time and run right into the crowds of people at the bottom of the hill, well I stopped but my heart was beating too fast.  I decided I skiing was too exciting for me. I was proud that I had tried skiing because I have always been a scared when it came to sports.

Snow Summit Chair Lifts

In 2001 and in 2012 we had gone with my parents and Natalie to the Pine Rose Cabins that is down the mountain from Big Bear.  I love this place but we wanted to try something different this year. Big Bear Lake is another 40 minutes farther up the mountain from Lake Arrowhead.   

Pine Rose Cabin #14 where we stayed in 2012.

Lake Arrowhead up the road from Pine Rose Cabins.

We're going to stay at the Big Bear Pioneer and are staying in the Queen Studio.  This means we will have a kitchenette and a small patio.  There is a pool and spa and it's right on the lake with a private beach.  When you go to Lake Arrowhead you can't access the beach unless you live or are renting a house on the shore.  I found this to be a total drag.  Big Bear has many more places for the public to access the shore, plus it's a much bigger lake.

Frontier Cabins at Lake Big Bear
Frontier Cabin's Pool

I'm really looking forward to this time with my husband.  I haven't had the chance to swim all Summer and that is one of my favorite things to do.  How had your Summer been?

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