Sunday, January 11, 2015

ViVI, the new Cookie Lee

I went to a Cookie Lee conference this week and knew that they had a huge surprise, but not what it was going to be (oh yeah it was a surprise).

On the beginning of our Friday's agenda, after thanking us for showing up, they told us that Cookie Lee, after 23 years, was now ViVI.  Debbie Millar bought Cookie Lee 8 months ago and has been working hard to change the brand and image of the company.  We are still selling jewelry, but more importantly, we are working at changing women's lives.  Right now it is only women, but they want men involved too.

Here is a video by Debbie Millar, that shares our new vision:

In addition to selling and wearing fun and gorgeous jewelry, we have the chance to help others find some fun and opportunities with their life.  ViVI means Vision, Inspiration, Value (an amazing product) and Independence.  Joining Vivi is a way to find a great community, get an wonderful discount and earn 35 to 50%, find self esteem and friends.  Who wouldn't want of that?

If you are interested in learning more about ViVI,  check out my personal site.
Look for my name: Katharine Devinney or my ViVI # 147034.

Here is a small sample of what ViVI is selling-

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Katharine Devinney said...

ViVI, Life In Style...come and see what it's all about.