Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Queen of Hearts Banner Using Dollar Tree Heart Doilies

I created a Queen of Hearts Banner that could be used at a Alice in Wonderland Party, a Casino night and for Valentine's Day.  I've had these Heart Doilies, from the Dollar Tree, that I bought quite a few years ago.  A few years ago I created a Easter Banner using Tulip Doilies.  I loved how they came out and have been wanting to make a Valentine's Banner.  When I've been working on my Mad Tea Party this past month I decided to create this one.

I bought a few decks of cards from the Dollar Tree to use for crafts.  I took out the Queen, King and Jack of Hearts out of the deck.

Took these 3 cards and glued them on 3 red heart doilies.  That could have been enough but I wanted 5 hearts all together.  So I took 2 white hearts and glued 2 crowns on them.

 I found these at The Graphic Fairy (under search type in crowns).  I attached the white and red heart doilies to a black ribbon, then put it on the top of my front window. 

Then I glued the Doilies on Contrasting Card Stock, White on Red, and Red on White.

 Below the window I set up my food for the tea party.

I love how this came out and that I can use it for more than one occasion.                                                                          

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