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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

On May 30th,  I invited all of you to Vanessa, of A Twisted Fate's Tea Party.

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In honor of the Mad Tea Party 2014, I'm sharing my love for the show and having my own tea party.  Then after that I'll share Alice in Wonderland Parties and crafts I've found on Pinterest, Google, Etsy and other great sites.

This past year I was enthralled with ABC's Once Upon a Time in Wonderland.  I also watch the original show, Once Upon a Time, on ABC Sundays at 8PM.  OUAT (Once Upon a Time) in Wonderland tells Alice's, played by Sophia Lowe, story when she returns to Wonderland as an adult.  When she returned home, in the story we all know, she tells her father about her experience.  Her stepmother and Father think's she's cuckoo and put in a mental asylum.  Mental Asylums over 100 years ago were horrible and scary.  They kept on asking Alice if she believes in Wonderland and she refuses to say it was just a dream or make believe.  They are about to do a lobotomy (when the frontal lobe, in the brain, is removed to cure insanity and other mental disorders) on her to make her "well".   When the Knave of Heart, played Michael Sosha and the White Rabbit, John Lithgow come to save her. 


Red Knave

White Rabbit

This isn't the first time that,  Alice was in Wonderland.  She was in Wonderland, as a young adult, and met a genie named Cyrus, Peter Giadot.  They fell in love but the Queen found them and took Cyrus to the castle and was kept in a huge cage.  The knave and the rabbit lie and say that Cyrus is still alive (at that time they don't know that he is really alive) and she needs to return to save him from the Red Queen.  The story line, with the genie is similar to Aladdin with Jafar, played by Naveen Andrews, as the local bad guy.   The Red Queen, Emma Rigby, and Jafar work their magic in Wonderland to the dismay of the locals.  The Knave of Hearts and the Red Queen were in love but she betrays the knave and marries the Red King.  

The Red Queen
  Tweedle Dee

Tweedle Dum


OUAT (Once Upon a Time) in Wonderland is mostly based in Wonderland and in England.  One time the Knave and Alice go to Storybrooke, Maine, to get the knave's heart.  Cora stole his heart so he wouldn't have feelings.  He acted a bit like a robot, with his emotions.  Sounds like a lot of people we may know who have been hurt and don't want to feel.  At the end of the series he gets his heart back and is in love with the Red Queen.

There are so many plot twists to this story it's hard to tell the complete story, which was so many episodes.  If you have a chance to see it on Netflix or online, I'd highly encourage you to see it.  I cried in the last episode because it was a happy ending and because I was sad to see the series end.  ABC originally said it would just be one year and then said if it had high enough ratings they'd keep it.  Well the ratings weren't good enough to keep it, so they wrote an ending that tied up all the pieces.

In the end Cyrus and Alice return to England and get married with the White Rabbit of the Tweedles, The Knave and the Red Queen, who is now the White Queen, and the Tweedles attended. 

Alice's half sister, Tweedledum, White Queen and the Knave.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland ends with Alice and Cyrus getting married.  They advance  the story to when they have a little girl.  In this picture Alice is holding her daughter and telling her a story about where else? Wonderland!   After reading about Wonderland, in the book Alice wrote, they share tea with her dad, Cyrus.

Let me know if you watched "Once Upon a Time in Wonderland" or the Original "Once Upon a Time".  If you have missed either series you can find the full seasons on Netflix.  Do you wish the Wonderland series continued or are you content with the ending?

Tomorrow I'm going to share my first annual Mad Hatter Tea Party.


Sarah Coller said...

Interesting! I'd never seen this series. I'll have to look for it on Netflix.

DogsMom said...

I watched as often as I was able, and had not seen the final episode.
Now I will have to find it free online.
Thank you so much for giving me closure.