Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pink Chalk on a Snowman and a Pink Christmas

Way before chalkboards were popular to blog and decorate with I taught using one of the last chalkboards in a classroom.  Since I quit teaching 2nd grade when I had my daughter I don't know when my school stopped using chalk boards but I know I still had one in 1997.

Since I stood on my feet alot I would catch myself leaning against the chalkboard and my rump was the same height as the ledge (where the chalk sits).  Well that ledge always had tons of chalk powder and was never cleaned by the janitor.  I would wear a dark blue skirt and I'd always had chalk on my back. lol  I heard that was called the teaching disease so I told my students that I had the teaching disease and they would laugh.  When I think about how I dressed and stuff I'm a bit ashamed.  Talk about dumpy!!!

One Halloween I had a big party for my Mommy & Me group and had the kids draw pictures, in chalk, on black construction paper.  It was a huge hit.  That Christmas I decided to make a snowman out of chalk so I'm sharing that today.

Here are more Pink Christmas pictures that I've found around the net.  Enjoy!

I traded my teaching job to be home with this beautiful creature.  She went from this beautiful blond (her hair was bleached to a girl with green, blue and pink hair).  Now she is a lovely brunette, now her natural color.

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Diane Jordan said...

Hi lovely lady.
This is my first time on your Beautiful blog. I love your pink Christmas post. I m your newest follower on your blog now, hoping you will also come follow my Tablescapes. I am also wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.