Sunday, June 23, 2013

You Are One Amazing Lady

On Saturday my friend, Wendy, came to visit me and we went to lunch and did a bit of shopping in the area. When she showed up she gave me a beautiful bookmark that looked like this:

On the bookmark there was this poem:

You Are One Amazing Lady

I want you to know that you're one amazing lady. You are so good to the people in your life - so considerate and caring. When you give, it's easy to see that it comes straight from the heart... and it gives everyone around you the gift of a nicer world to live in. I hope you'll never forget how much I treasure just being in this world with you. I really hope that all your days are as beautiful and as bright... as the ones you inspire in other people's lives. - Lorrie Westfall 

I didn't read it when I first received the poem and waited till she had gone home to look at it.  I was so touched by the gift.

Wendy and I have been friends since I became her roommate in 1985.  I lived with her for over 2 years, till I got married in 1988.  We don't see each other often enough but when we see each other it's like it was yesterday and we pick up the same conversation.

I feel blessed to have my friend Wendy and I feel blessed that she thinks of me with such high regard.

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