Monday, May 20, 2013


My daughter, Natalie, has dark hair (that she bleaches and dyes) and mine is blond with grey eye brows.  She looks great with dark eye pencil and I look better with a lighter color.  I used my makeup brush but it had black eyeliner on it.  The sneak had used it on her pot of eyeliner. Ugh!

I thought it looked so funny I took a picture.

Now you know I'm brave if I post a picture like this.  For May I'm going to hopefully post a better picture of me. lol  

When I showed Natalie what I had done she was cracking up and told me that baby shampoo will take it off.   I had bought Dollar Tree baby shampoo to wash her American Girl Doll to fix an old hair issue.  Natalie had accidentally sprayed sunscreen in Kirsten's hair instead of hair spray which she isn't suppose to spray in either.  We thought her doll was ruined. The doll is not sold anymore, except on eBay and it was $85 when my mom bought it back in 2004.  I emailed American Girl to see what I could do or was I going to have to pay about $45 for a new headSigh!  Luckily for me I only had to buy one dollar baby shampoo.  

Anyways, it worked! I was able to remove all the dark eyeliner.  I put some baby shampoo on a tissue and did a quick wash of my face.  I'm going to mix water and baby shampoo in a small container for one of those days my face feels oily and icky and I'm on the road.  Forget expensive makeup remover wipes and use baby shampoo (any brand) and save money.  Do you have a frugal beauty tip to share?

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Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

The picture of you and your daughter is such a great one. The picture of you, with slightly darker eyebrows shows a woman with a great personality. I love your expression! Thanks for the frugal beauty tips...I can always use frugal tips!